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Mauritius is surrounded by water and yet around 85% of the locals cannot swim we use our beaches for socialization instead of increasing our fitness level and learn how to be safe at sea. Most of our drowning cases are classified as follows and in Mauritius death by drowning is classified as 3rd cause, before Suicide and Road Accident.

The main causes of drowning are:

1. Alcohol Consumption
2. Negligence by peers and parents
3. Lack of water safety education, how to escape
4. Medication and drug consumption
5. Unsupervised swimming sessions

Surf Life Saving (MRU) formerly known as Australo Life Saving Association is a volunteer organization, specialized in Volunteer beach patrol in Mauritius and lifesavers are known either by surf Lifesavers, surf rescuers, beach lifeguard or beach patrol. Our services are free of charge and we are being supported by sponsors and being funded by our monthly contribution by volunteer lifesavers. Our training is from Australia Chisholm Institute in 2009, and in 2011 we completed the course in Community Surf Life Saving from Lifesaving Victoria. Formally our name was Australo Lifesaving Association but as we have to protect our beaches and must be nationally recognized, we have changed our name into Surf Life Saving.

Our “pool” of lifesavers consists of 30 members (where we are recruiting more to join, through our volunteer beach patrol and free training) who are active and they come from
different ethnic background. Since our creation we have been organizing different volunteer activities.

The main beaches covered on Sundays for 2014 will be Albion Beach, this is due to lack of volunteers but as we mentioned before we are organizing free training at Albion Beach. To make our volunteer lifesavers look professional, before hitting the beach, we informed the National Coast Guard and give them our roster particulars.

As from the 22nd January 2014, Surf Life Saving Association has been approved by the Prime Minister’s Office to use Mauritius, thus it is known as Surf Life Saving Association of Mauritius.

Our Surf Life Saving is developed in five sections (i) Learn to Swim programs (6months to 15years) (ii) Surf initiations (iii) Surf Life Saving training (iv) Special needs children in Surf initiations / Life Saving (autism) (v) Beach Patrol.

Activities organized since 2009

Year 2009:
​     1. Volunteering on Public Beaches
     2. During our training, we rescued a lady on the beach (Reanimation successful)

Year 2010:
     1. Volunteering on public beaches (January to March 2010)
     2. Organizing a water safety event for 2000 youths (March 2010) at Flic en Flac
     3. Volunteer participation to save lives in Easter Sunday and Easter Monday at Flic en Flac Beach
     4. Volunteering on Sundays at Albion, Flic en Flac and Mont Choisy Beach

Year 2011:
     1. Completed Community Surf Life Saving from Lifesaving Victoria (Australia)
     2. Water Safety event at Belle Mare Sailing Centre
     3. Volunteering from (March 2011 – December 2011) at Tamarin Beach on Sundays.
     4. Ministry of Tourism and Leisure has welcomed us for beach fiesta in October 2011 to December 2011, to deliver free talks and demo on beaches 8 youths rescued at Tamarin during lifesaving beach patrol

Year 2012:

     1. Organised free media programs on TV, Radio, Press
     2. Volunteer at Albion Beach from (January to March)
     3. In March 2012, as the Chief of Surf Life Saving, a Water Safety Workshop as well as promote the Safety (water) at the aquatic park.
     4. For the first time in the Mauritian History, Surf Life Saving has taken part in the parade of the National Day celebrations, which is memorable.

     5. 8th July 2012, Surf Lifesaving National Event at Flic en Flac.
     6. Surf Life Saving Level 1 training at Tamarin Beach

     7. Organized Lifetime Achievement Award night December 2012


​​Drowning Stats from January 2013 to 31st December 2013

​8.01.2013:     1 male drowned at Tamarin beach (Tuesday) press
13.01.2013:   1 male drowned at Trou Aux Biches (Sunday) Alain Nayna witnessed CPR and he helped.
28.01.2013:   French couple drowned while diving. (Radio Plus)
3.02.2013:     1 male drowned at Tamarin (Press)
5.02.2013:     1 male drowned at Tamarin (press)
10.02.2013:   1 male drowned in a river (TV news 19hr00)
11.02.2013:   1 male swimmer and 1female swimmer rescued from drowning at Tamarin (source Roger Theveau Surf School who rescued them)
13.02.2013:   13 people rescued by the National Coast Guard in the North (MBC radio)
14.02.2013:   1 male swimmer drowned at Chamouny Lake at Chemin Grenier. (Radio Plus news)
6.03.2013:     1 male 86years drowned at Perebere Beach (health issue at sea) Le Defi Quotidien
13.03.2013:   1 female swimmer from France drowned at Grandbay 76years (L’Express)
25.03.2013:   1 male drowned in the north
30.03.2013:   11 drowning in Port Louis due to flood in Caudan
?.05.2013:     1 lady rescued at Tamarin Beach (SLSA RESCUE)
21.08.2013:   3 rescued by National Coast Guard
27.08.2013:   1 in Mahebourg (August 2013)

1st October 2013:   Epilepsy Water Park (1 child) parents negligence
10th October 2013: Regurgitation Waterpark
17th October 2013: 2 drowning in Morne (Radio plus)
November 2013:     3 drownings cases (Defi Newspaper and one call)
18th Nov 2013:      1 male drowned at Midlands Dam (Defi media report)
11.12.13:               L’express online (sleeping on pool deck and drown)
3rd Dec 2013:        1 drowning cases Anse Jonchee (defi media page)
L’Express 29.12.2013: 1 drowning at Mont Choisy
1 rescued at Blue Bay by NCG
1 fisherman rescued
December 2013: Pool drowning (L’Express online)

Cases: 52
Rescued: 19
Death: 33

19th December 2013 the total drowning rate is 52, Rescued 19, Death 33

Awareness by Surf Life Saving Association
Life Saving Education program for Primary and Secondary 2000

Dagotiere Women’s Association = 50
Senior Citizens                         = 30
Beach Users                             = 150
Radio                                      = 10
Press                                       = 20
TV                                          = 2

Drowning Stats for year 2016
Drowning stats less than 30 cases (January 2016 to current)

International Relationships

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Royal National Lifeboat Institute -
International Lifesaving Federation -
National Sea Rescue Institute South Africa -
Société Nationale des Sauveteurs de Mer (SNSM) -